shakin in ma boots
super rad.

yall know dat nick furry-era? ya well hes a cool dude and behind 'HoleShot'. Also a rad zine, which is waaay more legit than the wildman. As one may figure, he and his work is of big inspiration to me.

Well, whilst emailing nick about the latest holeshot mag, he referred to a certain 'review on espn'. I, curious and unfamiliar, asked for a link.

well, turns out nick put up an entry on the espn site reporting on the various zines he has acquired through holeshot--a scene report, as it were. well, needless to say Wildman! #2 is pictured and reviewed there!

R-A-D D-A-D.

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  not at war!

As summer ended it was time for me to find a new place to live.
ive come to bellingham, with bikes, music and art. im stoked on life!
lots of stories and pictures to be shared...

Last week I was with my buddy Paul having a rainy road sesh to get some joe. We stopped by DNZ on state street as I had to return an odsy cable i bought previously...

I returned it and walked out. paul finished his cigarette. and then i realized the dude that helped me was the one who I talked to about hookn up the zines in the shop.

So I walked back in there and talked to him. I asked him where everything went--what happened to it.
And basically he told me they sold it all! All the zines went, so i asked him about the T's I dropped off.

Those too, he said.
hell yeah! so thanks to those bham shredders who now have some wildman in their life.

spread the word, i should be dropping more off there soon.

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  90* +/-
Damn. Its been a while.

I made this blog device for a specific reason--namely, to hold as a digital 'site' for the magazine and associated news. Somehow in being stoked on the whole project I took it a bit farther than I thought...

Wildman! has been way out on the back-burner for a while. Some form of a 4th issue will most likely pop up at some point...but i cant say when that'll strike me. Im going to return to the original purposes and let this site reside as a source of news relating to it. Talk to you then!

As always, if you'd like to get a hold of me, email for questions and comments.

And in the mean time...

It is summer! Times are good, work is hard, sun and the lady are hot, and the beer and sea are cold. Ive been having good times; stoked for the future--as always.

Keep Loving!

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This is my sister and our adopted sister. I would say wild, but that is a bit lame.
But seriously, these two girls are fucking crazy. Mental. Insane. Rad.

They say this is due to California...
But in my opinion this is natural.

I mean, look at them.

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some new color film shot via F5...

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  two and three!
They're out.

Amidst the craziness ive been able to sit and down and put some time in.

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  Veg Bus!
I was running back from school last week, thrusday it was.

and parked right next to the QFC was this modified bus...
Ive been wanting to convert my '89 Cruiser to the same, so these guys got me super stoked. I yelled out to them on as I ran pass and told em 'youre awesome!', but they just looked at me wierd.

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